• Camp Theme: “Pokémon Hunters”  (5 DAYS CAMP)
  • Start date: July 22-26th
  • Hours: 8am-2pm 
    • Extended session hours 2-5pm (additional fee)
  • Kids AGE: 6-12 years 
  • Where: Kaohao Elementary School in Kailua 
  • COST: $550/week or $160/day. Siblings discount available for weekly rate only.
  • See full camp description below



At our Pokémon summer camp all campers will have the opportunity to train like a Pokémon Trainer, participate in exciting battles, hone their science skills through fun activities, and discover the beauty of Japanese traditions. Campers will discover the science of Pokémon’s elements such as water, fire, fairy, electric, g and more by participating in hands on experiments. They will also endeavor a culinary lesson on popular Japanese cuisine.

Scheduled Field trips:

  • I-trampoline where students will explore laws of physics using energy created by leg muscles following with arcade games at the venue where each child gets to manage $5 to choose games that bring the most joy.
  • Like Like falls hike.
  • Kids City Adventure field trip.

Hands-on science activities. Here are some examples:

  • Exploring Magnetic field properties. Campers will investigate properties of magnetic fields, such as their effect on nearby objects and interactions with electric currents.
  • Musubi and Sushi making day. Fun and interactive culinary experience centered around the creation of musubi, a popular Hawaiian and Japanese snack made with rice.
  • Making Pokémon ball key chains.
  • Pokéball speed investigations. Campers will learn what is movement, energy and how it impacts speed.

KIDS 6-12 years old. Camp hours 8 am-2pm. Payment includes 5 days/6hrs per day.  Max camp size limited to 24 kids. What makes SparkYou unique is that we limit our camps to small number of kids (7:1 student teacher ratio) to provide best experience. Tuition covers materials, transportation, entry tickets, field trips and safety gear. This week our base camp is located in Kaʻōhao Public Charter School (140 Alala Rd, Kailua, HI, 96734), on Oahu, just a 25 min scenic drive from Honolulu or Waikiki.

We travel in 15 seat passenger van to all of our excursions and field trips. It is important to note that the final schedule may change from the initial offer due to partnership with outside vendors. We reserve the right to last min schedule changes. Refunds will not be granted based on these two factors, but replacement activities will be offered in case of a last min vendor cancellations.  Refunds will not be granted if customer cancellation occurs less than 2 weeks before start date unless customer finds its own replacement. Please read full cancellation policy HERE

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Cost: $550/week or $160/day. Siblings discount available for a weekly rate.

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$509Full Week (5DAYS)NO Lunch, $589 Full Week (5DAYS) With Lunch, $150 Late session 2pm-5pm only (5days)